Beauty/Fashion Haul!

haul lot of shopping

In all honesty, in this ‘spring’ weather, shopping is my saviour. Under the bright lights of River Island do I think of the dreary, depressing weather outside? Ha! No. Actually, I tend to drift off thinking about a hot-beach getaway – I blame all the bikini displays (do they really have to tease us with those bronzed models? Everyone knows that fake tan is the closest we can get right now). So yes, I indulged in some retail therapy this week, and although my purchases are being packed away until the weather decides to be reasonable for once, I’ve fallen in love with them so much that I just couldn’t wait any longer to show them to you!


Sunglasses – Oscar De La Renta – TKMaxx

Ironically, my haul includes a pair of sunglasses. Ironic because here in the UK, it isn’t sunny whatsoever – yet I still couldn’t resist these Oscar De La Renta sunglasses – I’m in love with all of his dresses and found that the shape of these are a classic so they can be styled with anything (from an evening dress to denim shorts and a slouchy-T). Yes, I look like a Victoria Beckham wannabe, but it’ll think of that as a compliment. I was torn between these and some Cat-eye shaped ones by Storm that really did rival for my affections – but Oscar came out a survivor. A beautifully shiny-black framed, oversized survivor.

mud mask

mud mask 2

Raspberry Exfoliating Mud Mask 75ml – Superdrug

I have been obsessed with facemasks since December – I think that looking after your skin is vital – there’s no good in just hiding behind thick layers of foundation. I’ve tried peeling facemasks (red berry, tropical fruit, cooling cucumber – you name it) but they just get too sticky – slapping on mashed up fruit isn’t my idea of a relaxed Saturday night. Although the feeling of peeling it off gives you some sort of weird-satisfaction (“Look at those dead skin cells that have been ripped off my face!” *cue hysterical laughter*), I then discovered Superdrug’s range of clay masks, and I haven’t stopped buying them since. You should all feel proud of me when I say that this Raspberry Exfoliating Mud Mask is gorgeous and cost effective! (a first for me). A single packet of clay mask is £1 (10ml), whereas this 75ml bottle is £2.59 (GCSE Maths has finally come in handy). It contains raspberry seeds and apricot kernels which gives it it’s gritty texture, but more importantly gives it a gorgeous smell!


No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish – Boots

My nails and I have a love-hate relationship. One minute they’re long, the next? They’re bitten within an inch of their lives (quite literally). I know pastels are the in-thing, but who could resist this Deep Orange No7 nail varnish?! The best thing is that it can go with anything – clashing is acceptable nowadays. I clashed when I was younger, but now I do it intentionally. No7 is notorious for its high quality products, so I’m hoping that in the summer it’ll withstand the wear and tear of daily life – but I doubt it’ll get hot enough to put it to the melting-test (insert slight disappointment).


lace 2

lace 3

Lace Button Up Top – River Island

My habit of buying clothes that I can’t wear yet is getting out of control. This Duck Blue Lace Top from River Island sums up SS/13 style. This summer is going to see my H&M black cigarette trousers as my statement piece, and this top will go perfectly. The sequins placed underneath the pearls (did I mention that pearls are my all time favourite things?) shine differently in different lights, giving it an ethereal look, and the colour brings me closer to that sun kissed look by suiting my skin-tone. One of my favourite features is the cute button-up back, it adds a 60’s feel – as well as preserving my make-up putting it on!


Bikini (top and bottoms) – Primark

I’m getting slightly ahead of myself aren’t I? But who can blame me – I can’t even remember the last time not wearing a coat didn’t get you those “Is she crazy?!” looks. But I couldn’t help myself when it came to this Primark Bikini, the floral pattern almost looks like a water colour, and the cut-out frills and gold flowers on the ends of the straps give it a fun and flirty look. I can’t wait to head abroad to see this baby in action with a good book, a sunbed, music….oh yes, and some sun! (pretty please?)


Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake – Boots

This year has seen me be a bit more adventurous with my normally-plain-Jane makeup, I invested in a Kate Moss red lipstick, and my latest obsession for Spring/Summer is the Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake. I have been deciding back and forth for a long time, and on a list of pro’s and con’s – the only doubt niggling in the back of my mind was “I’ll never forgive myself if it melts inside my favourite handbag!” – But I eventually gave into peer pressure (from my self-consciousness and best friend, Jem – check out her review!). I’ve been wearing it non-stop as it’s the perfect shade for me, not quite a bright pink, but just enough for people to know you’re wearing it. Attention seeking, but not too attention seeking.

So yes, I’m not quite kitted out for Summer yet, but I’m getting there!

What will you be getting your hands on?


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