Bookshelf Must-Haves!

Is your bookshelf in desperate need of a revival? Are your Hunger Games and Twilight series strewn around your room rather than taking sanctuary on that shelf? I am a self confessed book-aholic, I live, breathe and eat (figuratively, obviously) books – meaning that when I’m faced with an entire 2 weeks off sixth form, they’re the first things that come to mind. Having some reading material with me is my number one priority whenever I go out – and don’t even get me started on going abroad. So you might have guessed that my own bookshelf is brimming with books, so picking my bookshelf must-haves was a long process (but helped uncover other books that haven’t seen the light of day for a while – oops), but I can say that these are my choices that will instantly boost your bookshelf – and your imagination.

‘The Name of the Star’ by Maureen Johnson

name of the star

I was a little apprehensive when I first bought this book, the cover states ‘Jack the Ripper returns…’ (coincidently in the exact same font and design as the Morganville Vampires series – copyright, no?) which automatically made me assume that it was set in the past. But I was surprised when it surrounds an All-American girl who moves to London with her parents and attends a boarding school – which is brilliant; until the murders begin. I literally could not put this book down even if I tried – just when you think that the storyline is merely a ghost story, a supernatural twist hits you hard – there are love interests, a witty main character – and some gruesome detailing; but the entire story is all in the detail, so this is a perfect holiday read!

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green

fault in our stars

Oh John Green you beautiful man, I’m normally not one for a story that I know won’t end well, but knowing that John Green wrote it in all of his literary glory – I just couldn’t resist. It follows the story of Hazel, who meets Augustus at her Cancer Kid Support Group. There are so many ups and downs in the book, but it still captures your thoughts, you don’t find yourself drifting off halfway down a page. I love the fact that although this story has the potential to constantly affect our tear ducts, it’s written in such a way that we get to know the characters and their personalities – and best of all? They’re the funniest fictional people I know.

‘Bloodlines’ by Richelle Mead


If you’ve read the Vampire Academy series, then this is the next step. Being a big Rose and Dimitri fan, I wasn’t all that interested in Sydney, Jill or Adrian – but this easily rivals Vampire Academy! It’s difficult to explain to those who haven’t read the series without giving away spoilers (which there are a lot of). But I would definitely recommend this series, In my opinion, it’s more realistic than Vampire Academy because Sydney has much more human thoughts and it’s a new character to get to know (It’s written entirely from her point of view).

‘Dance of Shadows’ by Yelena Black

dance of shadows

Admittedly, what drew me to this book was that fact that it’s set at the New York Ballet Company (funnily enough it’s where most of my childhood dreams were set as well). As always, there’s a brooding-hunk-of-muscle love interest in the form of Zeppelin Gray who stirs the book up. it follows the story of Vanessa, who attends the Company in search for her sister Margaret – who disappeared from the same company 3 years before. I loved the fact that I couldn’t predict the storyline at all – and I’m an imaginative person. The mixture of dance, danger and a down-right killer plot makes this a must read.

‘Clockwork Angel’ by Cassandra Clare


I was amazed by Cassandra’s first series, ‘The Mortal Instruments’, so when I discovered that Clockwork Angel is set in the same ‘world’ but in the Victorian Era, I cried tears of joy (Joy, John Green, Joy). I love books which are mysterious and keeps me guessing (until it gets to a certain point where I just can’t take it anymore and have to ramp up my reading speed to reach the end) – so the fact that the main character, Tessa Gray, has a little (HUGE) secret makes this book one of my favourites – and don’t be disappointed, it’s a trilogy; so there’s plenty of reading material for you to get through before the end is nigh.


One thought on “Bookshelf Must-Haves!

  1. I loved The Fault in Our Stars so much! It’s one of those rare books that manages to make you laugh and cry in a matter of minutes. John Green is, indeed, ‘a beautiful man’.

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