Style out your Stress!

Style out your Stress!

Self-confidence has never been my fortè – in fact, it’s something that turns up every once in a while, but mainly keeps to itself unless someone mentions bikinis or exam results – when it basically falls through the floor. It’s just one of those things that turns a revision-obsessed-teen (e.g. me) into a terrifed school girl (again, me). A school-girl that holds her AS exam results in her shaking hands, looking like a wild animal (wide eyes and shallow breathing isn’t the epitome of health), and thinks to herself ‘I don’t even have the cooking skills to work at McDonalds’. But after opening my results? I practically clawed that self confidence back into it’s rightful place. Because all of my hard-work paid off exactly how I wanted it to – for once – and now the entire process is about to start all over again. ‘Why do that to yourself Becky?!’ I hear you cry, well fellow-students: summer exams. They’re bigger. They’re stress-ier. And they’re un-resittable (I’m an English student I swear).

So whether you’re in the same sinking ship, or it’s your first dose of exams: here’s my top tips to stay calm, stress-free and stylish!

There’s nothing better than having all your notes in one place – revision becomes so much easier (and more fashionable) with these adorable accessories
(1. Assorted 3-pack-notebooks, 2. Laura Ashley ringbinder, 3. Stickers – Available at any craft retailer)

At the height of exams, that cramped feeling seems non-escapable. So take a stroll, why not take out a National Trust membership? Attingham Park in Shropshire is my personal favourite, the house is beautiful, but strolling around the deer park can’t be beaten – especially when followed by a cream tea (or in my case, a cream-diet-coke) afterwards!

Just because you’re lightly reading around the subject, that doesn’t count as ‘relaxing’. Have an early night every now and again, start with your favourite movie (Transformers always does the trick for me) and mix in a facemask (Superdrug Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask 99p) – we all know that stress hits our skin the hardest.


The saying ‘Reach for the stars; even if you miss you will land amongst the clouds’ is exactly true. None of us know exactly what we can achieve – unless you keep at it, you’ll never find out.

How else do you cope with exam stress?


One thought on “Style out your Stress!

  1. Ah, But
    Ah,but I’ve seen your confident side
    When your Coach is there bursting with pride!
    Your Aquarius moon
    Can inspire a fine tune
    With opponents left “toasted and fried”!

    So,I say as your No 1 Fan
    You can speak to a very fine plan!
    I applaud your direction
    “Competing Perfection”
    And I know,like Obama, you can!!!

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